I may never know what the other person is going through.

But the irony of the whole thing is that if I choose to focus on that very thing, I'd actually be missing the most important point. 

Last week, I was struggling physically and emotionally after experiencing the loss of an early pregnancy. I decided that I wanted to force myself to get out of the house (despite the doctor's advice to rest, no doubt) and work from a coffee shop. I walked into this adorable spot and got in line. A gentleman walked almost in front of me and stood caddy-corner until he could edge in.

teddy and ty

There were so many more graceful options.

But instead a monster woke up with me that morning and escorted me into the situation with all the brokenness and vengeance of everything happening on my insides, and I snarkily addressed it. He returned my tone and accused me of cutting in front of him. We both felt wronged and we both felt offended that the other would think we did it intentionally. It escalated with the kind of words that are calm and soft yet sharp and uncomfortably cutting, giving our best attempt at trying to demean one another with intellect and tone. Then we just abruptly stopped and both sulked. He ordered, and for an infinitely long terrible almost 60 seconds, I stood behind him. Trembling on the inside because my heart utterly eclipsed itself and went black. A very cold black.

And then the most uncontrollable behavior happened!

Light itself legit overtook me, and before pride could talk my mind out of it, my heart lunged forward and exclaimed, I am so sorry and mortified. I acted like a spoiled child and handled the entire thing poorly. I honestly was upset at life and the potential that you maybe thought I would do it on pur...

And before I could finish, he returned, Oh my god, I am so embarrassed. I handled it terribly, I can't believe I did that. And the next 60 seconds were filled with us arguing over who could be more embarrassed while profusely apologizing.

I'll never understand what triggered him from his own life, but what I'm responsible for is addressing what's going on inside of me.

And while this was over something so silly + obnoxious such as waiting in line to order a draft latte, all I know is that it felt good to beat pride at its destructive game and make it right, no matter how big or how small.

It breathed some life back into me that day, and it felt really really REALLY good.

Creating a day to celebrate what it means to be human, together.

We all have a story to tell.

Today is the first annual #WorldPerspectiveDay, and it is personally therapeutic to my soul after over a decade of being an active participant in storytelling across our great world.

Inspired directly by the students @100cameras works with worldwide & in collaboration with incredible launch partners, this is a day to simply celebrate what it means to be human, together.

An intentional effort to breath some positive engagement onto the internet to not only share how we each see the world -- but to also take a moment to see life through someone else's eyes. Because we can't escape the fact that both postures matter if we are all going to exist on the same planet & further good & light. To create space for it to be okay for how similar and how different we are. A space to well -- just be human.

Super proud of our entire team who dreamed big enough to go for this. The world wide web can be an overwhelming place at times & it's hard to know where to start, and this is us doing our part. Participate today, post your perspective and tag #worldperspectiveday 

Film by Jose Tutiven. Commercial created & edited by Andrea Arevalo and Ivan Novuelven.