The morning after,

On the morning after Valentine's, I sarcastically ask myself — what would we all actually do if love could ever begin to try & fit itself into just one day of the year? That’s so much pressure on just one feel or measure or bouquet or caption. & How would we all survive the other 364? Because certainly not me, I’d just straight wither right up because I’m far too dependent on the meanings and thrivings of love.

Whatever the grounds are that love can dig its roots in to be able to make its way to reach you — whether through friendships or romantic or family or shared moments with a stranger — all I know is that blessed are we all that LOVE does not (& hopefully never will not) fit itself into just one day.

Of course I am sure our brains knew this point as the fourteenth was celebrated, but I have to just say out loud — that no matter what yesterday may have looked like for you and your heart, I hope everyone gets their own versions of flowers & chocolates many times over this year ....

although I’d guess that any ordinary day’s love language would get a bit more innovative than that gesture for you! Which is personally my favorite perk of this whole love-is-an-everyday thing.