My ode to Brooklyn.

I tell everyone I married into #brooklyn & this apartment. At the time, I was already in love with my life in Central Park as it practically raised my 22 year old self in new york city & is credited for helping me make it past my 2 year plan to then return to Tallahassee. But I remember first walking into this home, & before the dawning realization that it was going to be a massive renovation project,

I saw all the light. & thought to myself, I could thrive here.

Since then, our life together has unfolded inside these walls. Ty first told me he loved me on our rooftop, he carried me across the doorway on the night of our wedding, we learned we would be parents & then brought our teddy home here — saw him laugh crawl walk for the first time, enjoyed our co-op neighbors as friends, & had countless community rooftop parties here with some of the best humans in the world.

A home is more than walls, yes, but I can’t help but give the beautiful light some credit to all of this. Yet as it is so —

everything that’s good forces you to grow or else it wouldn’t be doing its job. & We’ve outgrown it here so good & well. So today is our official farewell

to Brooklyn, I needed you more than you’ll ever know. you rejuvenated us at a time when who can say if we would still be here if it weren’t for your charm, friendliness, focus on art and culture, & slower life pace on the other side of the river. We’ve headed back up to my first love central park for a bit as life seasons are right to change, but we’ll be back much & for certain. There’s a fantastic new family who will absolutely adore you here.