A world where our children see how far we've come.

Reflecting on peace & love & light — I believe in a world where the dreams of the incredible #MLK come true, & the truth is, we have a far way to go. But I want to live in a world where our children grow up to see just how far we have come.

I’ve got a lot more work to do for my part in it all. & I have vowed myself as a citizen of humanity to keep listening & learning & figuring out what/how to do more. But even then!

May I never be convinced that I have strived enough to elect & further justice, that I have shown my children enough how to love not hate, or that I have done enough to rest my voice or stop moving my hands or my feet alongside my brothers & sisters across our world. In fact, after writing this to myself, it’s time I get a bit lovingly louder & start moving quite quicker.