To see life outside my own self:

For this #WorldPerspectiveDay, I’m going to start at the beginning.

It was 2006 and one of my first times leaving Tallahassee to ever use my passport and emerge myself into another culture. Pictured in these images is me:

Diving all-in to experience love and another way of life at its fullest.

You’ll see me having my nose pierced with a wrench inside a village hut, living with red hair because I didn’t understand the affects of applying henna on blondes, taking a rest outside when I was sick where we slept every night under the stars for weeks, definitely having disgusting hair from bathing with a bucket — but what you can’t see in my heart was what was learned from spending days on end with kids who had survived more of a nightmare than is describable yet lived life as if they had only ever dreamed of gratefulness and hope — and it wholeheartedly changed everything about who I was & the direction I was headed.

I was twenty(ish) year’s old and am embarrassed to recall that this was one of my first real memories of listening and asking someone else, that was not just like me, about their perspective & how they saw the world. This forever opened mine up to want to love, live, & see life outside of my own self.

There’s a whole world out there, friends. Even if we can’t physically ever see it all — look up into the sky, feel the winds, & let the bond that makes us all earthlings — across all borders and cultures and viewpoints — speak to us & teach us. It’ll make us all better humans.

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