The peacefulness beneath the timing.

TIMING. The one thing on earth I am convinced that cannot -- at its core -- be forced, manipulated, or controlled by even my best human forces. this past week, the 100cameras team launched the dream project #100camerascartagena. But first some backstory...

Last September, we were scheduled to take off for Kurdistan, Iraq to work with kids who had recently fled ISIS captivity at that time. Our bags were packed until the evening before takeoff when the Iraqi government seized our arrivals airport, cancelled our flight, & our partner advised that

not only is it not great timing to still come right now, but you physically couldn’t get here in any way that wouldn’t put your lives in unnecessary danger.

For my personality that tends to not believe the doors that are actually closing even when my fingers are caught in the slam, it was one of the most peaceful surrenders I’d felt in a long time. It could not have been more clear — that the timing was "not now, but wait", & so we postponed it. In the meantime, conversations with our friends over at the inspiring JR's The Inside Out project rekindled our longtime dream to collaborate together in a community.

These conversations quickly evolved into action steps which turned into booking logistics, planning how our curriculum can coordinate with their activations, & making plans for local community building together.

Today marks the completion of the project & the kind of success in the field that keeps our mission thriving. & A special personal piece to me is that TIMING told me I couldn’t go — the first one since 2009 due to staying at HQ to be present for our other projects launching now in the Bronx & worldwide & to get ready for our spring gala (+ I’m 6 mo. pregnant & zika is heartbreakingly real). What I treasure about this particular timing is that it’s a sign of health for the organization, & the team on the ground truly flew a 100cameras project HIGHER than its ever flown before.

Because as it always does to me, TIMING is the most dependable thing that makes me get out of my own way so growth can abound, & it’s just getting started here. excited to share more of this project later this spring.