a brief bio: 

Angela Francine Popplewell is a Founder and the CEO for the nonprofit organization, 100cameras. With over a decade of experience working alongside localized educational and community development programs both stateside and internationally, her work focuses on the importance of empowering kids and uplifting their points of view, the power of storytelling, and the fundamental need for locally rooted development initiatives to be the lead in each community. Prior to 100cameras, she started her career at Charity: Water followed by her role as Director of Development at New Life of NYC, an inner-city community center in downtown Manhattan. Angela graduated from Florida State University and currently lives in New York City with her husband, Ty, and their two boys. 


in her own words: 

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur, storyteller, community member, believer in equality for all, pursuer of hope & joy, and citizen of our country and world. I strive to learn how and when to prioritize and pour into each meaningful piece of who I am to become a stronger, more courageous, more boldly-loving person that makes others feel welcomed, accepted, cherished, and loved. In light of some great darkness inflicted across our shared earth, I cannot help but ask myself, "Is it not my responsibility as a human to be a steward of my one life by living out love, light, hope equalled by an uprising against injustices alongside as many fellow humans as possible?" 

This may or may not also be a good moment to interject that I am passionate about death. But not in the careless way that it may sound, I hope. Instead in the way that our life is such a gift of a responsibility, such a short breath in the grand performance of time, and such a privilege to be alive and a participant in the majestic units that make up our earth. And yet, we are all destined to die. And yet even moreso, the time on earth is not fair or just or made whole for all humans — based on race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, sexuality and more.

I’ve lost dear people close, and this is what I know with every being in my soul:

Life on earth is but a vapor. And who’s to say if I will get 35 or 85 years? And even then, the weight of it is really what will I do with that 35 or 85 years? Will I seek to help fix broken systems that oppress and hurt others? Will I continually commit to do my homework and heartwork to find out how I contribute to or perpetuate the deepest roots of such broken systems and to do my part in making these failures made right? May I always remain a committed student and fixer, with all that I am. With all that I have.

Yes, out of all the things that most motivate me, the root is truly this. I believe one of my family members articulated it most beautifully one summer afternoon just before passing from cancer at the young age of 34:

Every day is your full life. Live it well; make it count.

I am passionate about learning, evolving, and exploring this, and figuring out how to live well with all of my strengths and in spite of all of my weaknesses. 


Warning, xxo: It's mostly just life highlights -- as pictured on social. Please know lowlights happen, too + view with a grain of salt, as my mother would always say.